Why Have Health Insurance?

Health Insurance is very important for everyone to have. If you get sick or hurt yourself at home and have to go to the doctor or an Urgent Care or Emergency Room, the cost of just walking in is very expensive. Then if you require x rays or any other tests the costs climb even higher. You are charged for any medications, equipment and supplies that are used on you. These prices are nowhere near as cheap as you could go to a store and purchase a box or bottle of them. Without Health Insurance you are responsible for the entire bill and you will need to make the payments that will normally shock you when the itemized bill comes in the mail.

Most medical facilities prefer the payment at the time of treatment but most of them will take payments on the balance that you owe. It creates a hardship for many families that are living on a budget and doing the best to make ends meet. When a family has to pay insurance premiums, some chose not to have to pay them, but then they are normally faced at one point or another with having to pay a large hospital or another type of medical bill, that in the long run cost them more than their insurance premiums would have cost.

Many people that are employed have their insurance provided through their workplace. The lucky ones have their premiums paid for by their employer and they are allowed to select discounted insurance plans for their families that the premiums are held from their paychecks and paid for them. This makes obtaining insurance for their families cheaper and affordable for many working-class people.

When obtaining Health Insurance be it through your employer or through an insurance company or Broker, know that the higher your premiums are, normally the more that your health insurance covers. If you pay a lower insurance premium, then on a normal, your deductibles and copays will normally cost you more money out of your pocket. They will be higher than those that pay a higher premium each month.

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